MailGuard Email Filter Security

MailGuard is a smart and cost effective solution that stops harmful messages from entering your network; ensuring security never compromises business performance.

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Powerful Multi-layered Protection

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MailGuard’s cloud-based, multi-layered protection systems provides maximum security and minimum impact on your network traffic.

Our global data centres and security specialists filter your inbound and outbound email 24/7, stopping any threats before they enter your network. Feel assured that viruses, spam, data leakage and confidentiality breaches could never disrupt your business.

MailGuard is simple to set-up, with no expensive integration costs or technology to maintain, saving valuable time and money.

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  • Lower Costs via Zero Onsite Software or Hardware Footprint
  • Multi-Layer Virus Protection ‘in the Cloud’
  • Real-Time Issue Management
  • 24 Hour Provisioning Service Level Agreement for Fast Deployment
  • Automated Reporting
  • Server Outage Protection
  • TLS Encryption for Secure Transfer of Email
  • 100% Performance Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Support

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • 1.Sign up online for your free 14 day trial
  • 2.We’ll call you to customise your package
  • 3.Services will be up within hours of signing up

You can select your free product trial from the MailGuard suite of services offered, which are detailed below. There are no obligations with each of these 14 day product trials and no credit card details are required, making it a quick and simple process.

WebGuard Web Filtering

Instant inbound and out- bound web security and monitoring to prevent malware attacks.

MailGuard E-Mail Filtering

Immediate relief from spam email with triple-layer virus protection and 100% uptime.

ImageGuard Image Monitoring

Real-time image analysis inbound and outbound to protect your brand and enforce workplace policy.

MailGuard Live E-mail Continuity

Straightforward insurance against email outages with online access and continued email delivery.

SafeGuard E-mail Archiving

Secure email storage with fast recall from any email client to safely archive emails with no quota.

HostedMail E-mail Hosting

Hosted email and collaboration solution with built in MailGuard triple-layer security and spam filter.